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Karine Le Marchand Victim of the Paparazzi Chief?

Karine Le Marchand photographed by paparazzi

Michèle Marchand, nicknamed Mimi, a famous figure among paparazzi and the celebrity press in France, is suspected of having tried to extort money from M6 star Karine Le Marchand. This affair began on March 5, 2024, when Alya Le Marchand, the TV host’s daughter, was arrested for a case related to cannabis. Photos taken during her release from custody were allegedly used to pressure her mother.

Karine Le Marchand claims to have avoided the publication of the photos for a sum of 3,000 euros, without initially revealing the identity of the person involved, now identified as Mimi Marchand, very close to the presidential couple and leading personalities according to France 2. This latter would have subsequently asked for an additional amount of 3,000 euros, becoming more insistent and threatening, which led the famous host to file a complaint.

Complément d’enquête. From “Voici” to the Elysée: Mimi Marchand, the influencer of the Republic/ Excerpt 3

Beyond this extortion attempt, the case becomes complicated with the involvement of two police officers, also accused of corruption and breach of professional secrecy. These would have been in contact with the paparazzo Sébastien Valiela, well known for his photos of public figures.

The French justice system has therefore requested the referral of Michèle Marchand to court to answer these charges. For her part, Karine Le Marchand has publicly expressed her indignation and her intention to defend her family against what she considers to be malice.