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Taylor Swift’s Nightmare in London?

The singer Taylor Swift is wearing a hat

A new high-impact action by the Just Stop Oil collective took place this Thursday, June 20, at London Stansted airport. Two climate activists sprayed orange paint on the private jets present on the tarmac. They thought they would find one belonging to a certain Taylor Swift

The activists, named Cole and Jennifer, entered the tarmac around 5 a.m., cutting the fence to reach the airfield where the star’s plane was supposed to be.

Just Stop Oil protesters broke into a private airfield to vandalize Taylor Swift’s private jet. Neither of the two vandalized planes belongs to Taylor Swift — @PopCrave on X, formerly Twitter

Their goal: to demand an emergency treaty to eliminate fossil fuels by 2030. They denounce the massive CO2 emissions from private jets, highlighting that passengers on these flights are responsible for 14 times more emissions than those on commercial flights.

Taylor Swift, who is set to perform in London this weekend, is particularly targeted by this action. Her private jet is said to be one of the most used by celebrities, emitting more than 8,000 tons of carbon. But fortunately for the star, her jet was spared from this attack.

However, a spokesperson for the wealthy singer clarified that Swift was not always on board, as her plane is also used by other people.

Essex police confirmed that the airport and flights continued to operate normally despite the incident. The activists were arrested, accused of criminal damage and obstructing the operation of national infrastructure. These controversial acts by Just Stop Oil are increasing, affecting museums, sporting events, and historical sites like Stonehenge, recently repainted in the same manner.

These actions have been widely condemned by British authorities, including Prime Minister Rishi Sunak himself.