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Jennifer Lopez: Already in Decline?

Jennifer Lopez is wearing a cap

Nothing is going right for Jennifer Lopez. Preparing for a mega American tour and living an idyllic relationship with Ben Affleck, the singer is facing a series of difficulties. She has canceled her shows, officially to spend time with her loved ones. However, according to some American media, the tour did not meet the expected success, with ticket sales being insufficient.

Rumors of tensions in her marriage with Ben Affleck are also multiplying. Tabloids claim that their union is going through a major crisis, fueled by Ben’s closeness to his ex, Jennifer Garner. Jennifer Lopez has even threatened the latter, asking her to stay away from her husband, whom she considers too close to her.

This situation has created an even more tense atmosphere. Ben Affleck regularly confides in Jennifer Garner, which annoys J.Lo, who prefers that he does not seek support from his ex-wife. Jennifer Lopez has demanded that Garner stay away from their personal life.

Sources close to the situation report that the two women, once united, are now in conflict. The heroine of the series Alias, who had previously supported J.Lo, also no longer wishes to have contact with the famous singer. This rupture in their relationship highlights the extent of the current crisis.

For the past few days, rumors of separation between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been intensifying. On May 31, J.Lo announced the cancellation of her tour on her website, citing family reasons but leaving doubt about her true motivations.

Speculations are rampant, with some mentioning disappointing ticket sales, while others claim that J.Lo is trying to save her marriage. The public appearances of the two spouses are now scrutinized, and every sign is interpreted as an indication of their marital situation.

Fans and the media are eagerly waiting to see how this situation will evolve for this iconic Hollywood couple.