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The Star of France TV Jean-Baptiste Marteau Divorces His Husband

Jean-Baptiste Marteau in front of a France TV background

Jean-Baptiste Marteau, a famous 41-year-old journalist, recently spoke about his divorce from Bruno in the press. The France Télévisions journalist revealed that their separation took place nearly a year ago, after twelve years of relationship.

"I have had a rather tumultuous year on a personal level," he confided. "We decided to separate, but our relationship will remain beautiful and full of good memories." Marteau and his ex-husband have a 5-year-old daughter, Colette, and their priority has been to protect their child during this difficult period. "We do everything to be there for her and we get along well for her," he added.

In addition to his personal life, Jean-Baptiste Marteau is very busy professionally. He comments on the equestrian events of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and recently participated in the show Fort Boyard, which greatly excited his daughter. "She told me: ‘Dad, you have to succeed in the challenges,’" he shared.

Jean-Baptiste Marteau also reflected on his coming out in 2018. He recounted how he revealed his homosexuality to his mother at the age of 23. "She had a very strong reaction saying: ‘I knew it,’" he explained, adding that his mother had always feared rejection and social isolation for him.

Jean-Baptiste Marteau, an iconic face of French audiovisual media, continues to juggle his professional responsibilities and his role as a devoted father.