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At 86 Years Old, Jane Fonda Sets Fire to Cannes

Jane Fonda in front of the steps of the Cannes Film Festival

Tuesday, May 14, 2024, during the show C à vous, relocated to Cannes for the Festival, Jane Fonda created an unexpected situation by arriving with a glass of champagne in hand. This gesture immediately attracted attention, as French legislation strictly prohibits advertising for alcohol on television. Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, the host, had to intervene, reminding that toasting on air was impossible.

The American actress, surprised by this regulation, emptied her glass before hiding it under the table, causing the audience to laugh. The situation was quickly handled by the show’s team, resuming the normal course of the program.

The Cannes Film Festival, a major event for cinema, regularly attracts international celebrities who participate in various shows and events. The appearance of Jane Fonda, who is not at her first notable act in public situations, reminds of the necessary adaptations for international stars in the face of local specifics.

This small lapse in conduct remains, however, a light moment shared with humor by the spectators and viewers. Just like when the octogenarian actress complimented Bertrand Chameroy, 35 years old, in a pronounced way…