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Inès Reg Opens Up About Her Breakup With Kévin Debonne

Inès Reg and her ex-husband Kévin Debonne

Inès Reg, separated from Kévin Debonne for a year, recently explained the reasons for their breakup. According to the 31-year-old comedian, their relationship had evolved into a friendship, making the situation difficult to manage. In the podcast Bip Sonore by Shera Kerienski, she mentioned that their intense professional collaboration had changed their couple dynamics. "We were friends, colleagues, lovers, partners… We got lost in some things and that’s okay," she said.

In January, the couple announced their separation after five years of marriage, stating they wanted to part on good terms. "You and I have given a new definition to the word divorce. It’s loving each other without wanting to hurt each other," Inès Reg had written on social media.

Despite the end of their marriage, their professional collaboration continues. Inès Reg insisted that she did not see their divorce as a failure, but as a necessary step to preserve their friendship. "I am happy and comfortable with this decision," she added.

Inès Reg, who recently participated in Dancing with the Stars, concluded by emphasizing that their complicity and friendship were still present, even though their romantic relationship had ended.