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How to choose your jeans

Beautiful interracial couple in jeans

Jeans are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. How to choose jeans that are flattering for our morphology and advantageous for our silhouette while remaining stylish?

Originally a utilitarian and working-class garment, jeans have become essential in everyone’s closet, without any social distinction, to the point of becoming the emblem of Western and even globalized fashion, now unisex.

Comfortable, resistant and trendy since ever, they can even be chosen sexy. Jeans can now be worn on almost any occasion, even the most unlikely ones in the past such as formal occasions and events dressed up with a little creativity.

The Ecostylia team is here to help you take advantage of these versatile and universal garments by helping you to always make the best choices, matching them in the best way to modernize your image.

We will also address the issue of their maintenance.

Finding the right jeans

It's not easy to find the right size jeans that will enhance your silhouette and your morphology
It’s not easy to find the right size jeans that will enhance your silhouette and your morphology

Although we are buying more and more jeans online, the ideal is to be able to touch the material. Elastane jeans are without a doubt the most comfortable and qualitative in addition to being attractive. The elastane gives the jeans more flexibility, an asset if you gain a few grams.

It becomes easier to move, walk and sit. Wearing them all day and even in the evening becomes a pleasure. This material also enhances the feminine curves.

The quality of the thread and seams should be examined to make your jeans profitable in the long run.

During the fitting, to find the jeans in which you will be comfortable, pass your thumb between your waist and the button closure: then evaluate your comfort.

Jeans are never long enough, especially if you have short legs; long legs will opt for 7/8th jeans to balance it out.

You can also wear them rolled up towards the outside but never towards the inside; or else have them hemmed by a tailor who will respect the style of the seams of the pants.

On the other hand, we do not recommend:

  • Ripped jeans to leave to rebellious teens.
  • Washed out jeans, because they require a lot of water to make: an ecological disaster!

Denim sizes and cuts

Choosing a size smaller than your pants is smart, especially if the material is stretchy, which is a plus, because jeans stretch a lot with washing and daily wear.

The different cuts of jeans are:

  • Straight or regular is the most classic cut of jeans. Timeless, it is favored by women and men… Ideal to hide the curves: prefer without pockets or rather small.
  • The boyfriend jean: ideal for women with O and H shapes.
  • The skinny: sexy, it is closer to the body as a second skin … Ideal for thread-like and figure-8 shapes.
  • Large size or loose jeans: very bohemian.
  • The bootcut: ideal if you have a small stomach and marked hips.

Our advice: if you think your buttocks are flat, prefer models with large pockets on the buttocks. This advice is also valid for H and V shapes, which should prefer low-waisted cuts and light-colored jeans, as opposed to A shapes, which are more enhanced by higher waists and darker-colored jeans.

A good loose jean is both casual and stylish
A good loose jean is both casual and stylish

Choosing the right color of jeans

We recommend investing in a pair of dark blue or navy denim jeans.

The washed blue is more casual and will go well with light gray or white tones, colors that suit everyone.

As for the grey jeans, even more versatile, they are ideal for elegant cameo looks.

A pair of raw black jeans will go well with smart suits and jackets for a sober elegance.

Contrary to popular belief, white jeans can be worn in winter with a silver top and a gray or navy blue coat. Attention: it reflects the light, therefore grows.

What to match the jeans with?

Jeans go with many basics in our closet.

To look casual:

  • Wear it with a top, a fitted polo, a camisole for women (very sexy) in summer
  • Add a safari jacket, a leather jacket (even a biker jacket), a cardigan, a navy coat or a denim jacket (with or without jeans) when the weather is cooler. An overcoat like a trench coat is an option to be even warmer while remaining stylish.
  • Converse and various fashion sneakers, biker boots and a nice sport watch and a bag.
  • For women there are even more options like the tote bag, fine jewelry if you are small and a large necklace if you are large.

To look very chic:

  • Dare to wear your jeans with a suit jacket or an elegant fitted jacket, it’s much better than a total look and it looks much younger, accompanied by the most beautiful shirts and blouses even in satin and silk for women who can choose dress shoes (pumps, heeled sandals glamorous boots) as well as men (derbies, loafers and boats).
  • Ladies, don’t forget the accessories such as a nice clutch or even jewelry effect or simply a nice man’s watch that goes well with the raw jeans that are now worn in business.

Washing and care

It is not necessary to wash jeans too often. The president of Levi’s even advises not to wash them at all!

To help extend the lifespan of your jeans, we recommend washing them inside out using cold water. Avoid the dryer. Instead of folding them, lay them on hangers. Scent the hems of those you wear often.


This stylish couple found the right jeans to travel comfortably
This stylish couple found the right jeans to travel comfortably

Just because jeans are a universal garment does not mean they are easy to choose. That’s why we have proposed this article which, we hope, will enlighten you in order to select these essential pieces that are the jeans.