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Daily Horoscope: Virgo

A man and a woman under the astrological sign of Virgo in the spring

23 August – 22 September

Sunday, june 16, 2024


Romance is in the air as Venus and the Moon harmonize beautifully today. Virgos may find themselves drawn to deep, meaningful conversations with their partners. If single, this is the perfect time to meet like-minded individuals who share similar values. Emotional connections are favored, so open up and let your feelings flow. Enjoy a cozy evening with a loved one or plan a relaxing day out.


With Mercury and Jupiter both in Gemini, financial opportunities may arise in unexpected places. It’s a great day for brainstorming new ways to save or invest. However, caution is advised; don’t rush into any decisions without thorough research. Seek advice from trusted sources to ensure you’re making the best choices. Small but steady steps can lead to long-term gains.


Mars in Taurus encourages a focus on physical well-being. Today is ideal for grounding activities like yoga, gardening, or a leisurely walk in nature. Nourish your body with wholesome, seasonal foods and stay hydrated. Remember, a balanced lifestyle is key to maintaining energy and vitality. Pay attention to your body’s signals and give yourself the rest you need.


Saturn in Pisces brings a sense of discipline and responsibility to your professional life. Use this energy to tackle any lingering tasks or projects. Clear communication is crucial, so take the time to articulate your ideas and goals. Collaborations can be especially fruitful today, leading to innovative solutions and increased productivity. Stay organized and focused.

Social Life

With the Sun and Mercury both in Gemini, social interactions will be lively and stimulating. It’s a wonderful day to catch up with friends or attend social events. Engaging in intellectual discussions can be particularly rewarding. Embrace the opportunity to expand your social circle and strengthen existing connections. A spontaneous outing may lead to delightful surprises.

Sky Chart

Kerykeion Today Info: New York City 2024-6-16 12:00 Latitude: 40°42’46’ North Longitude: 74°0’22’ West Type: Natal Lunar phase: Day 10 As Mc Ds Ic 123456789101112 Fire 7%Earth 24%Air 58%Water 11% Points for Today:Sun25°59'21"Moon22°38'44"Mercury28°26'27"Venus29°15'54"Mars05°31'39"Jupiter05°01'56"Saturn19°17'05"Uranus25°01'19"Neptune29°51'52"Pluto01°39'60"North Node12°51'39"Chiron22°51'29"Asc15°15'32"Mc12°50'47" Cusp   1: 15°15'32"Cusp   2: 09°56'49"Cusp   3: 09°28'19"Cusp   4: 12°50'47"Cusp   5: 16°53'52"Cusp   6: 18°06'35"Cusp   7: 15°15'32"Cusp   8: 09°56'49"Cusp   9: 09°28'19"Cusp 10: 12°50'47"Cusp 11: 16°53'52"Cusp 12: 18°06'35"