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Daily Horoscope: Leo

A man and a woman under the astrological sign of Leo in the spring

23 July – 22 August

Sunday, june 16, 2024


With so many planets in Gemini, communication is the key for Leos today. Spend time engaging in meaningful conversations with loved ones. Whether it’s a heart-to-heart with a partner or a deep chat with friends, expressing feelings will strengthen bonds. Venus in Gemini adds a touch of flirtation and light-heartedness, making interactions enjoyable. If single, keep an eye out for intriguing new connections. Balance is crucial, so avoid dominating the conversation. Enjoy the playful energy and let curiosity guide the interactions.


Jupiter in Gemini brings opportunities for financial growth through networking and social interactions. Leos might discover new ways to enhance their income by tapping into their creative ideas and sharing them with others. Be open to collaborations and consider exploring unconventional paths. With the Sun and Mercury also in Gemini, quick thinking and adaptability will serve well in financial decisions. Keep an eye on spending habits, though, as the excitement might lead to impulsive purchases. Strategize wisely to ensure a stable financial future.


With Mars in Taurus, Leos should focus on steady, consistent efforts towards their health goals. Incorporate routines that emphasize both strength and relaxation. A grounded approach, like mindful eating and regular exercise, will benefit overall well-being. The Moon in Libra suggests balancing physical activities with calming practices like yoga or meditation. Sunday is a perfect day for self-care; perhaps a nature walk or a soothing bath could enhance your mood. Pay attention to any minor ailments and address them promptly to maintain peak health.


The Sun and Mercury in Gemini enhance Leos’ communication skills and intellect, making it an excellent day for brainstorming and planning. Collaborative projects will benefit from your leadership and innovative ideas. However, ensure that you remain open to others’ suggestions to foster a positive working environment. Saturn in Pisces advises taking a structured approach to tasks, balancing creativity with practicality. As it’s Sunday, use this time to reflect and organize for the upcoming week. Set clear goals and prepare to tackle new challenges head-on.

Social Life

Leos will thrive in social settings today, thanks to the dynamic Gemini influence. Whether attending a gathering or engaging in casual meet-ups, your presence will be magnetic. The alignment of the Mean Node and True Node in Aries encourages boldness and authenticity in social interactions. Embrace opportunities to connect with new people and deepen existing relationships. The Moon in Libra adds a touch of charm, making every interaction harmonious. Enjoy the vibrant social energy, and let your natural charisma shine through.

Sky Chart

Kerykeion Today Info: New York City 2024-6-16 12:00 Latitude: 40°42’46’ North Longitude: 74°0’22’ West Type: Natal Lunar phase: Day 10 As Mc Ds Ic 123456789101112 Fire 7%Earth 24%Air 58%Water 11% Points for Today:Sun25°59'21"Moon22°38'44"Mercury28°26'27"Venus29°15'54"Mars05°31'39"Jupiter05°01'56"Saturn19°17'05"Uranus25°01'19"Neptune29°51'52"Pluto01°39'60"North Node12°51'39"Chiron22°51'29"Asc15°15'32"Mc12°50'47" Cusp   1: 15°15'32"Cusp   2: 09°56'49"Cusp   3: 09°28'19"Cusp   4: 12°50'47"Cusp   5: 16°53'52"Cusp   6: 18°06'35"Cusp   7: 15°15'32"Cusp   8: 09°56'49"Cusp   9: 09°28'19"Cusp 10: 12°50'47"Cusp 11: 16°53'52"Cusp 12: 18°06'35"