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Unreleased Drama for Singer Hervé

The singer Hervé is wearing a blue sweater in front of a clear sky

The songs from the new album by the Breton singer Hervé have been replaced by those of Luis Fonsi, he announced Thursday on Instagram. This album, titled Adrénaline, has been available on platforms since midnight. However, the physical version, on CD, has been affected.

In a video posted on social media, Hervé recounts his misadventure. He explains that he wanted to listen to his third album in his car on the eve of its release. When he "put it in the player," he heard another song. "It’s the guy from Despacito," he says, showing the titles. Indeed, several songs by Luis Fonsi can be heard in the video. The Breton singer claims that this problem affects "all his CDs" and that "none of his tracks" are recorded on them. "This is not a joke," he adds, half amused, half incredulous.

Hervé mentions a "factory error" that only concerns the CDs, not the vinyls. He assures that "it will be fixed by the end of next week." Male revelation at the Victoires de la Musique in 2021, Hervé admits he feels "like crying and laughing at the same time." "No hard feelings Luisito," he concludes with humor.