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Princes Harry and William More Irreconcilable Than Ever

Prince William on the left and Prince Harry on the right, separated by lightning

Since March 2020 and their departure from London, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have significantly distanced themselves from the British royal family. The second son of King Charles III has almost no contact with his father and has not spoken to his brother, William, for several months. Some hope for a reconciliation, but according to expert Tom Quinn, interviewed by the Mirror, there is little hope.

The interviews and revelations of Prince Harry, in the series Harry & Meghan and his autobiography Spare, have left deep marks. "The conflicts between William and Harry have lasted too long, but both men are notoriously stubborn. William believes that the image of the royal family has been severely damaged by his brother and Harry on his side feels insignificant", eternal second explains Quinn.

According to the royal expert, "the only way for Harry to come back is to present appropriate apologies and a promise to stop pretending to be the active member he refused to be by leaving the United Kingdom." Meghan and Harry, as well as William and Charles, would all suffer from this dysfunctional atmosphere, but as the family break-up has been unfolding in front of the world for years now, they see no way out. Harry wants apologies and aspires to ever more freedom. Not sure that William and King Charles appreciate…

Prince William and his father Charles III appear more united than ever, leaving Prince Harry, quite alone despite the support of his late mother’s family. A few days ago, the sovereign appeared with his eldest son for an important event: the Prince of Wales succeeded his father in becoming Chief of the Air Force, a position that King Charles has held for over 30 years.

A real snub for Prince Harry who was engaged in the army. Moreover, during the Duke of Sussex’s visit to London for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, Charles III allegedly could not see his son, citing a too busy schedule. The situation thus seems to be stagnating between the sick father and his younger son. No better with Prince William, who is also weakened by his wife’s illness and also wishes to maintain a certain distance.