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Harry and Meghan: Their Trip to Nigeria Now Causes Scandal

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the left and King Charles II on the right, separated by lightning

Harry and Meghan visited Nigeria from May 10 to 13 to promote the Invictus Games. Their presence sparked controversy.

Welcomed by Allen Onyema, director of an airline, they traveled for free. However, Onyema is wanted in the United States for laundering 20 million dollars. He allegedly falsified documents to buy planes and finance luxury purchases.

The couple was invited by General Christopher Musa, Chief of Defense Staff of Nigeria. The visit resembled an official visit: British anthem, school visits, meetings with ministers. Yet, Harry and Meghan have had no official duties since 2020…

This situation has irritated King Charles and Prince William. Tom Quinn, a royalty expert, reveals that Charles is "angrier than ever" and hesitates to strip the couple of their royal titles for fear of appearing vindictive. William, furious, seeks to prevent future visits of this kind.

The Nigerians treated the couple as if on an official visit, with dances, receptions, and charitable visits. For Charles and William, this looks like a declaration from Meghan and Harry: "We don’t need your permission to be active". The tension between the Sussexes and the royal family remains palpable.