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Gabriel Attal: Surprise Prime Minister

Only 34 years old, openly gay, and the target of various conspiracy theorists online, the appointment of Gabriel Attal to Matignon continues to surprise

The appointment of Gabriel Attal as Prime Minister of France represents an unprecedented event in French politics, judging by the countless reactions. For the first time, an openly gay head of government is the tenant of Matignon. The career of this son of a film producer has been marked by key stages, from his time at the École Alsacienne, a prestigious private institution, to his recent appointment.

The meteoric rise of Gabriel Attal is of interest not only in France, but also abroad. International media, such as The Telegraph in the United Kingdom or the Washington Post in the United States, have highlighted his young age, his sexual orientation, and his highly noticeable presence in the French political landscape.

Some journalists claim that this appointment raises particular expectations within the LGBT+ community. Thomas Vampouille, among others, editor-in-chief of Têtu magazine, pointed out that Attal’s arrival creates specific expectations, particularly in terms of representation and rights.

Gabriel Attal, who was outed against his will, recently agreed to talk about his private life on the Sept à huit show on TF1. He emotionally confided to Audrey Crespo-Mara, partner of Thierry Ardisson, how he told his dying father about his homosexuality.

But Attal’s appointment is not without controversy. His participation in events such as the Bilderberg summit has also sparked reactions and conspiracy theories. His detractors sometimes use his sexual orientation and Jewish origins to violently attack him. However, these attacks have been widely condemned across the political, media, and associative spectrum.

To this day, he remains the youngest Prime Minister that France has ever known, not sure that the entire French political class appreciates…