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Last Moments of Françoise Hardy with Jacques Dutronc

Françoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc

June 11, 2024, will remain a significant date in the world of French music. Françoise Hardy, an iconic figure of song, passed away at the age of 80, after a long battle with cancer. Despite a separation since 1991, Jacques Dutronc, her husband, was by her side until her final moments.

For nearly twenty years, Françoise Hardy courageously fought cancer. In 2004, she was diagnosed with her first cancer of the lymphatic system, followed in 2019 by pharyngeal cancer. She faced these trials with dignity, supported by her loved ones.

On Thursday, June 20, a final tribute was paid to her at the crematorium of the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Jacques Dutronc and their son, Thomas Dutronc, were present, accompanied by personalities such as Matthieu Chedid, Marc Lavoine, Anouchka Delon, and even a certain Brigitte Macron who was reportedly booed… Jacques, always considered the love of her life by Françoise Hardy, left Corsica to be by her side.

According to the press, Jacques Dutronc spent a week in Paris to watch over his Françoise. Every day, he sat beside her, hiding his sorrow behind his tinted glasses. Françoise Hardy, as a farewell, gave him one last smile, a symbol of their eternal love.

The Hardy-Dutronc couple, formed in the 60s, left a mark with their complicity and love story, despite the separation. Their bond was never broken, not even by the singer’s affair with the legendary Romy Schneider.

The two artists remained close for their son, but also for themselves.

Françoise Hardy leaves behind a musical legacy inseparable from Francophone popular culture. She was also an example of courage in the face of adversity. Her departure is a great loss for all lovers of French song. Her memory will remain etched in the hearts of her many fans and loved ones.