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Fashion shopper: what is it?

Young asian woman delighted with her shopping session and carrying bags of many colors

The term “fashion shopper” refers, in the etymological sense of the term, to a person who likes to buy fashion items. But in reality, the term fashion shopper refers to two very different realities. The evolution of language has brought its share of transformations, so much so that the fashion shopper has become an expression with two uses.

Fashion shopper: the fashion enthusiast

First and foremost, the term fashion shopper is used to define a person who likes to shop for the latest trends: a person who is passionate about fashion, the go-to person when it comes to knowing what’s in and what’s not.

The ultimate fashion shopper tries to wear clothes even before they are officially released. If he orders on the Internet, it will be primarily on websites of designers who are not yet well known, or on auctions of clothes that sometimes belonged to celebrities.

Fashion shoppers consider the best to be on Instagram, and a person’s follower count correlates with their social standing. Posting on this social network an item of clothing that has never been posted there is the ultimate in “hipness”.

The most prominent personal shoppers are those who are most often present at fashion weeks. To know if you are in front of a real personal shopper, you have to ask him. If it takes him more than 10 seconds to calculate the number of editions he has experienced, he is a true fashion shopper.

This is the first type of fashion shopper, a kind of fashion enthusiast, both aesthete and compulsive, a real sartorial expert always on the lookout for the trendy accessory.

Two young women fashion shoppers walking down the street with bags and delighted with their purchases
Two young women fashion shoppers walking down the street with bags and delighted with their purchases

Fashion shopper: the synonym of personal shopper

The second type of fashion shopper is the one who buys items on behalf of someone else. It refers directly to the term of personal shopper. The latter refers to a profession that was born in the twentieth century, with the rise of haute couture and luxury ready-to-wear. A profession that we find dedicated to the cinema thanks to the camera ofOlivier Assayas.

What are the missions of the fashion shopper?

These buyers listen carefully to the needs and aspirations of their customers as a first step. Depending on the mission, they have more or less latitude in the purchases to be made. That’s why it’s important for them to understand their customers’ style, budget and lifestyle before making any purchase. The objective is to make satisfactory, adequate and useful purchases.

Because they act on behalf of a wealthy (and often elitist) clientele, they usually have access to exclusive collections that are not available in regular stores, as well as pre-sale items. Fashion shoppers use their eye for detail and knowledge of current trends to ensure that their customers always look their best. For example, a personal shopper can take into account the size, morphology, colorimetry, lifestyle or even the age of the client.

What differentiates the fashion shopper from the personal shopper?

The main difference between these two terms is that the fashion shopper has more of an aesthetic approach while the personal shopper tends to be more practical. The personal shopper is a versatile assistant at the service of his employer. He can go to the caterer as well as to high fashion boutiques. Etymologically, the personal shopper makes purchases on behalf of a third party.

Conversely, the fashion shopper is not a generalist. As its name indicates, it is specialized in fashion. This styling expert combines his knowledge with his employer’s expectations to offer them pieces that will perfectly suit them. But beyond this distinction, in reality, the term fashion shopper is commonly used as a synonym for personal shopper.

Fashion shoppers: gender confusion

We must admit that this confusion between the two terms is maintained by a Parisian brand “Fashion shoppers“. It is nothing less than a personal shoppers’ agency, for everything related to the luxury sector (fashion, accessories, jewelry). Thus, it is difficult to find one’s way through the jungle of anglicisms. But, in any case, style has the last word!

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Two young women in a clothing store, carrying bags, looking at the contents of one of them with satisfaction
Two young women in a clothing store, carrying bags, looking at the contents of one of them with satisfaction