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Émilie Dequenne Shines at Cannes After Her Remission

Émilie Dequenne in front of photographers

The Belgian actress Émilie Dequenne made a notable appearance at the opening ceremony of the 77th Cannes Film Festival. Moved, she opened up about her recent battle with cancer, after announcing her complete remission in April. Dressed in an elegant outfit, she sported naturally short and grey hair, testifying to her recovery.

Accompanied by her husband Michel Ferracci, her presence at Cannes was highly symbolic. She had already shared, a few days earlier on the set of the show C à vous, the impact of her illness on her personal life. Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, the host, did not hide her admiration when she welcomed her.

Émilie Dequenne not only celebrated her remission, but also shared a message of hope for those battling the disease. She highlighted the symbolism of her presence, considering it a personal victory and an important moment of sharing.

Smiling, but visibly tired, she mentioned that she could no longer keep up with the late-night pace of the festival, but was determined to enjoy every moment. The actress also reminded that, despite her remission, she remained under close medical surveillance, ready to continue her fight for her health.

This moving return on the steps of Cannes, 25 years after her award for Rosetta, was a strong moment of the festival.