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Elle Macpherson Joins the Camp of Sexy Sixties

Elle Macpherson in front of photographers

Radiant on the occasion of her sixtieth spring, Elle Macpherson, nicknamed The Body embarks on a new chapter of her life. Contrary to some rumors, the Australian refuses excessive touch-ups, embracing the slight marks of authentic beauty.

Elle Macpherson is not just a model of physical beauty, she is also a savvy businesswoman at the head of her own company, WelleCo. Known for her long modeling career and now an entrepreneur, she advocates a lifestyle based on well-being.

Since her divorce, she has wanted to maintain warm relationships with her former partners, including the photographer Gilles Bensimon.

She has shared reflections on the world of fashion and on the evolution of perceptions around models, especially since the #MeToo movement. She finds the industry now more inclusive and respectful.

Through her businesses and personal initiatives, Elle Macpherson shows us that beauty and health are inextricably linked.