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Who Is Really Edouard Baer Accused of Sexual Violence by Six Women ?

Edouard Baer accompanied in the evening

Six women accuse the famous french actor Edouard Baer of sexual violence. Mediapart revealed their testimonies this Thursday, May 25. They report acts of harassment and sexual assault over a period from 2013 to 2021, mainly in professional contexts.

One of the victims, Elsa, recounts that the events took place in May 2013 at the Théâtre Liberté in Toulon. Edouard Baer allegedly touched her several times while he was drunk. Other women mention similar behaviors, including inappropriate touching and comments.

These testimonies are part of a personal reconstruction process for these women, encouraged by the #MeToo movement. Elsa specifies that three of her close ones were aware of these actions at the time.

Edouard Baer reacted with shock and sadness, denying recognizing himself in the reported facts, but apologizing for any behavior that may have made these women uncomfortable or hurt them. He expressed his regrets and affirmed that he never intentionally sought to hurt anyone.

None of the six women filed a complaint, believing it would be their word against the actor’s. They describe various situations, from his Parisian office to Radio Nova broadcasts, to his theatrical performances. Baer, through his lawyer, reiterated his apologies and affirmed that he was never aware of having gone too far.

Le théâtre Antoine, where Edouard Baer is due to perform soon, did not wish to comment on these accusations.