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Deva Cassel, Princess of the Jacquemus Runway

Deva Cassel on a gray background

If she was kept away from the spotlight during her childhood by her famous parents Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, Deva Cassel is now in the limelight. Thanks to her modeling career and promising beginnings in cinema, Monica Bellucci’s daughter is everywhere. This past Monday, she was one of the models at the Jacquemus show in Capri, walking in front of a host of celebrities, including her former stepmother, Tina Kunakey.

Jacquemus | Fall Winter 2024/2025 | Full Show

Muse of Jacquemus, Deva Cassel no longer leaves the French designer’s runway. This show marks her fourth participation for the brand, after a successful first time in 2022. With a relaxed walk and natural beauty, Deva embodied the dolce vita with a scarf and cat-eye sunglasses, for this iconic show celebrating Jacquemus’ 15th anniversary in Capri.

Deva Cassel’s look during the Jacquemus show in Capri

After the show, Deva proved she was just as stylish off the runway. In the streets of Capri, she wore a black tank top and a slit skirt, reminiscent of Italian elegance and her mother’s style.

Resembling her mother at the same age, Deva Cassel seems to be following a similar career as a top model. She is a recurring face at Jacquemus shows, having participated in the Fall-Winter 2024-2025 show at the Villa Malaparte in Capri. The 19-year-old, inheriting her mother’s Mediterranean grace, appeared in a sculptural bustier dress and elegant accessories.

Deva Cassel, a name that now counts in the fashion world, mentored by the benevolent Jacquemus couple.