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What Are the Beckhams Hiding?

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham wearing sunglasses

An unbreakable love? Not so sure, according to an upcoming book. Yet, they still form one of the most glamorous couples on the planet. For decades, David and Victoria Beckham have loved each other as on the first day. Parents of four children, they make the whole world dream. But like all couples, they have gone through difficult times.

In 2006, their relationship experienced a major crisis. Victoria stays in London, while David moves to Miami. Communication is limited to important topics, especially their children. A silent war settles between them.

Victoria denies the rumors of David’s infidelity, which angers her husband. He thinks she is using this story to attract attention. David’s night outings with his friend David Gardner, whom Victoria does not appreciate, fuel her jealousy.

Despite the turbulence, the couple chooses to stay together. According to the author of the book, their image and finances push them to maintain the appearance of a united family. They help each other in their respective businesses, but at what cost?

Since these tensions, they seem more united than ever. Is it a facade or a true resurgence of love? The mystery remains, but perhaps not for long.