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At 80 Years Old, Dave Never Stops Facing Challenges

The young singer Dave

The Dutch singer Dave, a famous figure in French song for decades, will soon celebrate his 80th birthday at a special concert at the Grand Rex in Paris. This celebration comes as the artist continues to recover from the aftermath of a serious fall he suffered in January 2022. Despite these trials, Dave remains committed to his music and his audience even if he does not understand his era and the #MeToo movement.

At his home, at the Montmorency villa, a popular spot for the Parisian elite, Dave shared details of his daily life and his upcoming birthday. Surrounded by his husband, Patrick Loiseau, and their dog Clara, he maintains a positive attitude and a fighting spirit despite a small retirement. "I don’t want to die, I am totally ready intellectually," he confides.

Dave maintains a close connection with the stage despite the physical difficulties post-accident, such as memory loss, taste and smell, symptoms he attributes to the brain hemorrhage he suffered. These handicaps have not tarnished his humor or his determination. "I am fine, period," he says.

The event on May 21 promises to be memorable, not only for the singer, but also for his many fans. "I like to have at least four concerts a month," explains Dave. He plans an energetic show, reflecting his undying passion for music.

This concert is not just a personal celebration, but also a way to relaunch his career after his accident slowed down commitments. Through his iconic songs from the 1970s, Dave hopes to reconnect with his audience and prove that, despite age and obstacles, his voice and spirit remain untamed.