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Cristina Cordula: who is she really?

Christina Cordula, star of Les Reine du Shopping

Cristina Cordula… Do we still need to introduce the most famous personal shopper in the world? So, for those who really don’t know her, let’s remember that she is a Brazilian TV presenter naturalized in France. She is an expert in fashion and beauty. But that’s not all! For the past few years, this former model is also an author and entrepreneur. She is considered a real star of the small screen in France. Grâce à l’émission à succès Les Reines du Shopping diffusée sur M6, qui l’a faite connaître auprès du grand public, il y a déjà 20 ans.

Cristina Cordula model: what you need to know

Cristine Cordula’s career owes everything to a hair innovation… Indeed, the one who posed “only” for Brazilian fashion magazines owed her success to the advice of a hairdresser friend. He advised her to cut her hair very short, to stand out in the very stereotypical world of fashion.

This hair makeover made her career take off, and allowed her to be known in Europe. She flew from her native Brazil to the Old Continent in 1985, and launched her first career as a model in Paris. This is where Cristina Cordula’s biography really begins, the one who was born in Brazil Maria Cristina Cordula

During this period, which lasted about ten years, she worked with some of the world’s greatest designers, including the legendary Yves Saint-Laurent. She has also walked the catwalk for Chanel, Dior and Rykiel, temples of French fashion.

Her beginnings in the makeover

After three years as an employee in the import-export of luxury products, Cristina Cordula became an entrepreneur by creating Cristina Cordula – Relooking Agency in 2002. This is the first company under his name, and the beginning of a great adventure in personal branding.

From then on, image consulting became her main activity, for private clients. She tried her luck on television, for a show on the M6 channel, but without success.

Cristina Cordula on M6: the beginning of a media career

Then, she made her entry on the small screen via a last minute replacement, in the same show. It was J’ai décidé de changer de look, where she arrived as a coach. In the new version of the program, A New Look for a New Life, she co-hosts from 2008 to 2012. Before becoming the sole presenter from 2012 to 2018. The ex-model makes this show a real success of audience. And this, thanks to her eccentric personality, and her wise advice as a visagist and personal shopper, when she was running her agency.

Cristina Cordula Age
Cristina Cordula

Cristina Cordula personal shopper

From 2013 to 2021, Cristina Cordula hosted the flagship show of her career: Les Reines du Shopping. It is really this program that made him famous. And this, partly thanks to his cult remarks “Magnifaïk”, or “Ma chériiiie”. Her Brazilian accent and her past as a model allow her to stand out among the many television personalities.

Cristina Cordula became at that time the personal shopper of the French. Thus, she made this profession known with Les Reines du Shopping. But also with the other shows she was hosting at the same time: Les Rois du Shopping, Cousu Main, La Robe de ma vie and Mission Mariage.

Ms. Cordula has become a fashion icon. Not only in France but all over the world! Thanks to his model look, his creative look, his sometimes mocking humor… And of course her Brazilian accent so recognizable make her unique in the French paf.

Cristina Cordula, personal shopper
Cristina Cordula, personal shopper

How to improve your look… without Cristina?

Today, many French people aspire to benefit from the fashion advice of an expert like Cristina, but not everyone can afford it. So what’s the solution?

Expand your knowledge of fashion, particularly with regard to color analysis and body shape. Cultivate a positive and appropriate attitude. These steps will not only boost your self-confidence considerably, but also transform your image into a real asset.

Cristina, que l’on croyait remerciée par M6 à la rentrée 2023, revient en force !


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