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Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Renounce Their Titles

Noelia Voigt, Miss USA, on the left and UmaSofia Srivastava, Miss Teen USA, on the right

American beauty pageants are rocked by scandals. Noelia Voigt, Miss USA, and UmaSofia Srivastava, Miss Teen USA, recently abdicated their crowns, citing mental health issues and a toxic work environment. These resignations follow that of Claudia Michelle, the organization’s social media manager, who criticized the handling of the winners.

The internal conflict became public on May 3, when Claudia Michelle announced her departure, accusing management of harming the mental health of the participants. On May 6, Voigt gave up her title via Instagram, advocating for mental health priority. Two days later, Srivastava also resigned, stating that her values were no longer aligned with those of the organization.

These events highlight dysfunctions within the Miss USA organization, known for its controversies, especially during the management years of Donald Trump (1996-2015). The New York Post reveals that deleterious working conditions and a toxic atmosphere led to these group resignations.

The Miss USA committee tried to calm the situation by expressing its support for Voigt, but tensions remain palpable. According to internal sources, the winners were subjected to harassment and constant pressure, which exacerbated management problems within the organization. The new management now has to deal with the fallout from these serious accusations and restore trust within the contest.