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Harassment: Corinne Touzet Also Accuses

Corinne Touzet on the red carpet

Corinne Touzet refuses to stay silent. The famous actress applauds her colleagues who denounce the abuses of directors. She has also experienced these humiliating situations and finally decides to speak out.

Back on stage until June 30 at the Théâtre de Paris, Corinne Touzet stars in Le Duplex alongside Pascal Légitimus, Francis Perrin, and Anny Duperey. The play, initially planned for France Télévision, won over the theater’s director, Richard Caillat, leading to 40 exceptional performances.

The Théâtre de Paris has reportedly sold more than 10,000 tickets without advertising. A tour is possible. The success surprises the actors, who see it as support from their fans, so happy to see them in person according to the lovely sexagenarian.

A TF1 survey had even named her, a few years ago, as one of the most beautiful women in the world. The play will be broadcast live on France 2 on June 18 at 9:10 PM.

Since her debut in 1981 in Marianne, une étoile pour Napoléon, Corinne Touzet has faced inappropriate behavior. "I was cornered, I refused job offers when they asked for favors in return," she explains, hoping that this era is definitively over.

She admires those who have spoken out and notes with satisfaction that some responsible parties are trembling today. "I have run into a few gentlemen who tested me to see if I was going to recount our meetings."

Corinne Touzet is considering sharing her anecdotes to explain her profession and thank those who supported her. However, the actress does not wish to simply denounce, stating that she has come through it. "They didn’t get me!" she declares proudly. Her leading role in Une femme d’honneur brought her great fame, marking more than 10 years of success. We eagerly await what comes next.