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Baby Reindeer: Resounding Success, But Also Heated Controversies

Extract from the series Baby Reindeer on Netflix

The series Baby Reindeer on Netflix, quickly became a phenomenon, but it is now at the center of a controversy. Created by Richard Gadd, who draws from his own story, the series depicts the tumultuous relationship between a comedian seeking fame and an unbalanced stalker named Martha.

However, the work is being attacked by a woman claiming to be the real Martha. She accuses the series of defamation. This revelation indeed sparks a wave of online violence against her by Richard Gadd’s fans, who go as far as to threaten her with death.

In parallel, Fiona Harvey, identified by some as the real Martha denies any accusations of harassment towards Gadd and also considers legal action against Netflix for representations deemed fanciful in the series.

Faced with this escalation, Richard Gadd called for restraint on Instagram, asking his fans not to search for or harass individuals who may have inspired the characters in the series. He insists that the series is not intended to incite speculation or harassment.

Despite these controversies, the series has received praise, including from Stephen King, who compares it to his own novel Misery for its treatment of similar themes.

Stephen King reacts to the series Baby Reindeer on Netflix – Via X, formerly Twitter

The series continues to dominate trends, attracting viewers fascinated by its mix of drama and psychology.