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Judith Godrèche Moved: A Post #MeToo Investigation Commission Arrives

Judith Godrèche on the stage of the Césars

France National Assembly voted this Thursday for the creation of an inquiry commission aimed at combating sexual violence in cinema. This initiative follows the call of actress Judith Godrèche. Moved, she attended the vote, marking a significant victory for the #MeToo movement in the film industry.

Excerpts from the speeches of Perrine Goulet, Francesca Pasquini, Véronique Riotton, Sophie Taillé-Polian, Fatiha Keloua-Hachi and Clémentine Autain via @brutofficiel on X – Formerly Twitter

The French actress, even more famous since her recent commitments, filed a complaint against two directors for abuse during her adolescence. This courageous step culminated in the creation of the commission. The deputies, mostly women, unanimously supported the resolution.

“It’s time to stop rolling out the red carpet for aggressors,” declared Francesca Pasquini, the initiator of the request. The commission will be tasked with assessing the situation of minors and adults in cinema, live performance, and fashion, identifying the flaws that allow abuse, and making recommendations.

The debates revealed no major disagreement between the parties, leading to a rare political unanimity. The scope of the commission’s investigation was extended by the cultural affairs commission to also include adults.

The first session of the commission is scheduled for May 20, with a conclusion expected six months later. Judith Godrèche expressed her gratitude on social media, hailing the start of a “new day” for all victims of sexual violence.