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Rififi Between Aya Nakamura and Allebou in New School

Aya Nakamura on Netflix in Nouvelle École

"Does that mean what? That I’m not legitimate to give my opinion? Is that what you’re saying?" Aya Nakamura did not hide her displeasure after a young rapper, Allebou, questioned her place on the show Nouvelle École on Netflix. "I love rap, huh! I listen to rap, huh!" replied Aya Nakamura. "But what are you doing on Nouvelle École if you know everything? How long have you been rapping? Make us some hits, actually!" And the international artist did not hide her annoyance: "No, but here, I’m too angry […] he’s completely crazy."

The tension was palpable during the filming of the third season of Nouvelle École on Netflix. Aya Nakamura, a jury member, openly criticized the performance of rapper Allebou.

"This text is for rap lovers," replied the contestant, not hiding his disagreement with the singer’s critiques. Determined to respond, Allebou released a new track titled Tranquilo the day after the episode aired. In this track, he alludes to Aya Nakamura, sampling a snippet of one of her songs and declaring: "I rap hard, that’s how I am, don’t ask me why. If you think it’s wow, it’s just not for you."

This clash is reminiscent of the one between Ben PLG and Shay two years ago. The young rapper, eliminated by Shay, later made a response video.

So, could this confrontation evolve into a summer love story as some internet users are already imagining? Let’s remember that in romantic comedies, the heroes always hate each other at the beginning… The end of the summer will tell us! In the meantime, this story is generating a lot of buzz on social media and boosting the popularity of the third season of Nouvelle École.