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Ladies, Christian Millette Is No Longer for You

Christian Millette on a dance floor with his partner from season 13 of DALS, Caroline Margeridon

On social media, Christian Millette, famous dancer from French Dancing with the Stars (TF1), publicly discussed his homosexuality for the first time.

Since season three of Dancing with the Stars, aired in 2012, Christian Millette has been one of the show’s standout dancers. He has partnered with celebrities like Lorie, Véronic Dicaire, Liane Foly, Élodie Gossuin, and Vaimalama Chaves.

During season 13 won by Natasha St-Pier, he danced alongside Caroline Margeridon.

Usually discreet about his private life, Christian Millette addressed this topic in the press. He emphasized the importance of freeing oneself and being authentic about one’s sexuality, mentioning that it was the first time he spoke about it publicly.

The dancer talked about the school bullying he suffered during his childhood. Due to his passion for dance, he endured repeated mockery and insults from his peers. This bullying left lasting marks on him. He also spoke about his struggles to accept his homosexuality and the internalized homophobia he experienced for many years, even attempting relationships with women.

By sharing his story, Christian Millette hopes to help others facing similar experiences.