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Cher: Succession of Misfortunes Despite a Strong Comeback

At 77 years old, the eternal American singer Cher is not spared from trials

American singer Cher, aged 77, is facing a significant personal and legal challenge at the start of 2024. She has initiated a temporary guardianship procedure for her son, Elijah Blue Allman, aged 47, who is currently struggling with addiction issues.

According to documents filed in the Superior Court of Los Angeles, Cher believes that Elijah is "incapable of managing his financial resources" due to his addiction. The star is seeking to "protect the assets" of her son, born from her union with Gregg Allman.

Cher emphasizes the urgency of a guardian, excluding her son’s ex-wife, Marieangela King, from this role due to their "tumultuous" relationship. Elijah’s case was already a source of concern for Cher in November 2022. She reportedly hired four men to keep Marieangela away from her son, with the aim of getting him into rehab.

Elijah receives an annual income via a trust established by his father, in addition to $120,000 he receives annually. Cher fears that these assets will be spent on drugs rather than on necessities. She has taken the initiative to request guardianship to protect his financial assets.

Cher claims to have "worked tirelessly for Elijah to follow a treatment" and has always acted in her son’s best interest. The Los Angeles court is due to give a preliminary temporary opinion on January 5, before making a final ruling on March 6, according to People Magazine.

The determined artist making her comeback is also a brave mother who supported her first transgender child in their transition. Let’s hope that 2024 will be bearable for her.