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Queen Camilla Regularly Sees the Father of Her Children in London

Queen Camilla dressed in black in front of a sunset

As reported by the Daily Mail on Thursday, May 30, Charles III and Camilla were recently seen in London to pay their last respects to a friend. The royal couple encountered Andrew Parker-Bowles, the ex-husband of Queen Camilla.

On Wednesday, May 29, King Charles III and his wife attended the memorial service of Sir John Chippendale Keswick at Saint Paul’s Church in Knightsbridge. Sir Keswick, nicknamed Chips, passed away in April at the age of 84. The royal couple, there to honor their friend, met another well-known figure.

Andrew Parker-Bowles, Camilla’s ex-husband, was also present. According to the British press, Queen Camilla and her former husband arrived separately. Camilla was accompanied by Charles, while Andrew Parker-Bowles came alone. No information has been revealed about any possible conversation between them.

On May 23, Camilla attended the funeral of Captain Ian Farquhar, a close friend of the king, who died at 78 in March. Andrew Parker-Bowles was also present at this ceremony, and the ex-spouses were seen together. Divorced since 1995, Camilla and Andrew have remained on good terms. In 2005, he attended the wedding of Camilla and Charles, and in May 2023, he was invited to the king’s coronation.

Recently, they were united in grief for the funeral of Ian Farquhar at Saint Michael & All Angels Church in Gloucestershire. Charles, suffering from prostate cancer, was absent. Camilla represented the king, supported by her first husband.