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Catherine Deneuve: The Anxiety

Catherine Deneuve on a TV set

On the set of Quotidien on TMC, Catherine Deneuve, promoting the film Marcello Mio at the Cannes Film Festival, seemed elsewhere, emotionally affected some would say, during her interview by the famous Yann Barthès. Accompanied by her daughter Chiara Mastroianni, the actress struggled to answer questions, revealing a certain confusion.

Yann Barthès, trying to evoke the portrait of Marcello Mastroianni, was met with a moment of silence from the actress, who asked to clarify the subject of the question. Chiara Mastroianni intervened to help her mother on the set, heightening the atmosphere of concern.

Later, another question about the notion of the "disappearance" of the actor after a role also sowed doubt in Catherine Deneuve, who responded in a roundabout way, discussing life after work. These moments of confusion raised concerns on social media, where some viewers went as far as to express their concern for the actress’s mental health, recalling her stroke in 2019.

Nevertheless, the interview also reminded many of the almost unequalled status of Madame Deneuve in French cinema. The presence of what remains of the Mastroianni family was warmly welcomed by part of the audience. Enthusiastic viewers, however, shared their eagerness to discover the new film by Christophe Honoré, who needs no introduction.