How to choose your tights in 2023?

Various designs and styles of tights

When it comes to choosing the right tights for your body and your needs, there are a few important factors to consider. In this article, we detail them so that you can have all the keys in hand when choosing your next tights. Choosing your tights according to the fabric The fabric of the tights […]

How to choose your jeans

Beautiful interracial couple in jeans

Jeans are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. How to choose jeans that are flattering for our morphology and advantageous for our silhouette while remaining stylish? Originally a utilitarian and working-class garment, jeans have become essential in everyone’s closet, without any social distinction, to the point of becoming the emblem of Western and even globalized fashion, […]

How to dress when you’re a little chubby?

Self-acceptance allows you to turn your curves into an asset

It’s a question that many women ask themselves: how to dress when you think you’re a little chubby? The good news is that there are many options for looking stylish when our bodies get chunky. For example, you can opt for clothes that give you stature and make you feel more confident. In this article, […]

Which watch for men to choose? Ecostylia’s advice

Modern young man wearing wrist watch

The key to choosing a watch as a man is to consider both the practicality and the appearance of the timepiece. Think about how often you plan to wear it, whether you need it to withstand certain conditions (like weather or water), and what style would best suit your personality and lifestyle. Looking for a […]

Fashion shopper: what is it?

Young asian woman delighted with her shopping session and carrying bags of many colors

The term “fashion shopper” refers, in the etymological sense of the term, to a person who likes to buy fashion items. But in reality, the term fashion shopper refers to two very different realities. The evolution of language has brought its share of transformations, so much so that the fashion shopper has become an expression […]

Personal Shopper: everything you need to know about this profession

Personal shopper presenting a pink item of clothing to his client

Personal shoppers are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people turn to them to find the perfect outfit or item for any occasion. A personal shopper is someone who helps customers find the best items, regardless of their budget. He usually works one-on-one with his customers, helping them make decisions about what to buy […]

The multiple advantages of an image consultant

Customer having recourse to an image consultant during a fitting session in store

Our society has never been so image-oriented. The first impression is therefore essential and sometimes decisive. Calling on an image consultant is therefore becoming increasingly important. This professional uses techniques based on thestudy of your colorimetry, your morphology, your taste in clothing and the hairstyle and accessories that suit you best. In addition, the image […]