Susannah Constantine, British fashion guru

Susannah Constantine, British fashion guru and best-selling author

Susannah Constantine is a well-known figure in the British fashion and media world. She rose to fame in the late 1990s as co-host of the British television show What Not To Wear, alongside Trinny Woodall. The two women have since multiplied the projects together, as we will see. Susannah Constantine: a British fashion and media […]

Trinny Woodall: who is this British fashion star?

Trinny Woodall, British image consultant

Trinny Woodall is a famous British fashion consultant, who became famous for a TV show about shopping and clothing style. She got her start as a stylist in a clothing store and worked hard to become thefashion and beauty influencer she is today. Trinny is well known for her bold personal style and in-depth knowledge […]

Cristina Cordula: who is she really?

Christina Cordula, star of Les Reine du Shopping

Cristina Cordula… Do we still need to introduce the most famous personal shopper in the world? So, for those who really don’t know her, let’s remember that she is a Brazilian TV presenter naturalized in France. She is an expert in fashion and beauty. But that’s not all! For the past few years, this former […]