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Carla Bruni Just Gave an Account

Carla Bruni in front of a court

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy was summoned by the police yesterday for a three-hour hearing in Nanterre, France. The investigation focuses on the allegations of Libyan financing of the 2007 presidential campaign, to which her husband, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, is also linked.

Investigators are interested in her alleged involvement in the retraction of Ziad Takieddine, who in 2020, denied his previous statements accusing Sarkozy. This about-face occurred shortly after visits from controversial figures to his home, such as Michèle Marchand, a figure in the tabloid press.

The magistrates’ attention is focused on several interactions and communications between Carla Bruni and the other suspects, highlighting a possible coordination to influence Takieddine’s testimony. Details regarding these exchanges have been scrutinized, particularly on deleted electronic messages that investigators consider an act of concealment. In addition, information has emerged that Bruni may have facilitated the obtaining of PCR tests for travel related to the case.

This hearing comes in a context where several close associates of the former president have been questioned, adding a new layer to this already dense legal file. According to her lawyers, Carla Bruni provided all the necessary explanations during this session, which took place in an atmosphere described as serene. However, no immediate decision regarding possible prosecutions has been made by the judges.