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Cannes 2024: An Edition Compromised by #MeToo?

Camille Cottin, mistress of ceremony for the Cannes Film Festival 2024

The Cannes Film Festival, which will open its doors on May 14, 2024, promises to shine with the presence of celebrities such as Francis Ford Copola and Greta Gerwig, the latter serving as the jury president. However, a dark cloud hangs over the 77th edition with the highly dubious rumor of a list of ten male personalities allegedly involved in sexual assault cases.

This supposed list, mentioned by various media including La Tribune dimanche, is said to include well-known French actors, directors, and producers, mostly aged 30 to 40 years old. The revelation of this list, of more than dubious taste, could call into question the participation of their works in the festival, without the slightest judicial condemnation!

The CNC affair also adds to the tension: Dominique Boutonnat, president of the National Centre for Cinema and the Moving Image, (and ex-brother-in-law of Mylène Farmer), is facing accusations of sexual assault. Despite the charges, he still seems to enjoy the benefits of his status, much to the chagrin of a certain Judith Godrèche.

The film industry is likely to enter a new era with redefined values, but should we give in to the baseness of slander? Should public opinion take the place of the courts? Everyone, even in the age of powerful social networks, should be more concerned than ever about the authenticity and veracity of the information to which they are entitled.