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Queen Camilla Wants to Be Close to Nature at the Garden Museum

Camilla Parker Bowles in front of a sunset

These past few weeks, Camilla Parker Bowles has made numerous public appearances. On Wednesday, June 12, 2024, she visited the Garden Museum in London, a museum dedicated to the history of gardening in England. During her visit, Camilla expressed her love for this museum and her desire to play a more significant role there.

Camilla stated: "I don’t know how many visits I’ve made here — many. I know my husband is the patron, but maybe I should give him a little nudge, I’d love to take that one from him." Indeed, Charles III is also a patron of the Garden Museum, and the couple often spends time there together.

Camilla Parker Bowles is passionate about gardening. She explained: "It’s such a special place that every time I’m asked, I love to come back, and I think this wonderful exhibition celebrating women in gardening is so important." She added: "I am so happy that you are celebrating all the women who are these great gardeners because we love gardening. Often, it is the men who are celebrated and not the women, so I think you are doing a brilliant job here."

The exhibition, which seems to particularly please the wife of the king of England, shows how green spaces become places where "ideas about creativity and domestic life, nature, sexuality, and relationships could be uprooted and redefined."

Among the many common interests uniting Camilla and Charles III, gardening and outdoor life hold a central place. Camilla confided in the columns of Country Life in 2022: "I love gardening, it’s therapeutic… Go into the garden, do it." During this visit, she met Alan Titchmarsh, gardening expert, and Shane Connolly, florist in charge of the flowers for the coronation of Charles and Camilla in May 2023 as well as for their wedding in 2005.

Anyone visiting the British capital should take the opportunity to visit the Garden Museum in London to discover this shared passion and this exhibition celebrating women in gardening.