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Queen Camilla Furious at Harry After His Visit to Charles III

Queen Camila against a sky background

The recent cancer diagnosis of Charles III has been a difficult time for the British royal family. Following this news, Prince Harry left California to speak with his father in the United Kingdom, without his wife Meghan Markle or his children. But this initiative was not to the liking of Camilla Parker Bowles, his stepmother.

According to The Daily Express, a source close to the family revealed to The National Enquirer that the wife of King Charles was "outraged" by the prince’s unannounced visit. The fact that he had not sought the palace’s approval was strongly criticized.

The queen reportedly found his attitude during the meeting "outrageous". His actions were perceived as an attempt to present himself as a loving son in the eyes of the public.

During his short stay, Harry had a thirty-minute conversation with his father at Clarence House, before returning to the United States less than 24 hours after his arrival.

The strained relations between Harry and Queen Camilla, exacerbated by the prince’s memoirs in which he expressed his mistrust of his stepmother, seem to have worsened during this visit.