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Britney Spears Ends Her Singing Career

Britney Spears quits singing for good

Britney Spears has made a final decision regarding her musical career. The famous singer announced via her Instagram account that she will not be returning to the industry. This revelation comes after years of speculation about her possible comeback, following the end of her conservatorship.

"I will never return to the music industry," she firmly stated. Britney, famous for her hits such as Toxic and Everytime, clarified her position, debunking rumors circulating about her.

However, Britney is not completely retiring from the entertainment world. She revealed that she continues to write, but exclusively for other artists. "I write for fun or for other people," she explained. Indeed, she has written over twenty songs for other performers in the past two years, describing herself as a ghostwriter.

The artist also discussed her autobiographical book The Woman in Me, published with her consent, contrary to rumors. In this work, she opens up about lesser-known aspects of her life, such as her past relationship with Justin Timberlake.

Britney Spears, free from her conservatorship for over two years, thus chooses to tell her truth in her own way, outside of the music industry. Although this news may disappoint her fans, her choice to continue writing for others is sure to keep people talking about her.