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Will Brigitte Macron Appreciate the Confidences of Her Daughter Tiphaine Auzière?

The First Lady of France, Brigitte Macron, against a backdrop of sky

Tiphaine Auzière, lawyer and stepdaughter of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, unveils her personal journey and her recent foray into the literary world with her first novel, Assises. Daughter of Brigitte Macron, she candidly discusses her childhood, her legal vocation, and her literary inspirations, in an interview with our colleagues from Paris Match.

Discreet, but determined, Tiphaine Auzière rarely speaks about the Autrement high school, which she briefly presided over, and modestly addresses the death of her father. Her novel about the judicial world analyzes how women face important choices, showing her understanding of the role of a lawyer which requires careful thought before speaking for others.

Her childhood memories in Alsace, where she learned to ride a horse at a very young age, show her love for nature. This connection with fauna and flora has influenced her personality and values.

After an academic journey that took her from La Providence to the Sorbonne, Auzière has built a career in labor law, defending employees in often difficult contexts. Her social commitment is reflected in her work, where she subtly addresses the themes of humanity, guilt, and justice, far from the clichés of major criminal cases.

Assises is not just a novel about the judicial world, but also the reflection of a life of experiences and encounters, of a woman who, beyond her illustrious family, seeks to make her own voice heard through writing.