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When Johnny Hallyday Loved Brigitte

Johnny Hallyday against a sunny background

This Monday, May 27, Brigitte Lahaie was a guest on Jordan de Luxe on C8. The actress and radio host revealed, for the first time, her affair with the unforgettable Johnny Hallyday. The radio star shared new details about this adventure, which she describes as a "brief relationship."

On the set of Chez Jordan, she explained that she met the rocker during a full moon night in 1977. At that time, Johnny Hallyday was married to Sylvie Vartan. Despite this, Brigitte Lahaie specified that she "never had any issues with married men." "If it’s not me, it’s someone else," she stated.

The former X actress, who also starred with Alain Delon, recounted that Johnny Hallyday wanted to see her again, but she preferred to end this relationship after only two meetings. She expressed her wish not to say more out of respect for the late rocker.

These revelations come as a film about Johnny Hallyday, titled Que je t’aime, is being prepared by Jalil Lespert. The release of this biopic, scheduled for 2026, is already causing concerns for Læticia Hallyday, who fears the portrayal of certain sensitive aspects of their married life.