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Brigitte Bardot Angry with Emmanuel Macron, Pope Francis, and the Series on Her Life

Brigitte Bardot's speeches still attract as much interest, 50 years after leaving the cinema

Brigitte Bardot has given a lengthy interview to Valeurs Actuelles on various topics related to her faith, beliefs, and commitment. She begins by reassuring about her health, specifying that her concerns were related to the heatwave.

Regarding Christmas, Bardot laments the transformation of this sacred holiday into a commercial event. She particularly criticizes excessive consumption, especially in relation to foie gras and the repercussions on animals.

On a political and social level, she finds Pope Francis disappointing and is nostalgic for ecclesiastical figures of the past, like John Paul II. Bardot calls for the recognition of France’s Christian roots in the Constitution.

Bardot, known for her love of animals, expresses her dismay at what she considers a betrayal of traditional and Christian values of Christmas. She says she is a believer, but in a personal way, maintaining a direct relationship with the Virgin Mary and drawing inspiration from Saint Francis of Assisi for her love of animals.

She only watched one episode of the series recounting her life broadcast on France 2 and Netflix and did not appreciate it at all: "so pathetic… I wanted to cry".

The French star, also known for her strong opinions, does not hide her dissatisfaction with Emmanuel Macron’s politics, especially regarding animal protection and the management of the country. She blames the president for his lack of empathy and respect towards the French people and their animals.

Finally, Bardot discusses the difficulties encountered by her foundation in the fight for animal rights, lamenting the lack of recognition and support from the government. Despite these obstacles, she remains determined to continue her fight, motivated by her unconditional love for animals and her quest for justice.