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Bradley Cooper Getting Closer to Gigi Hadid

The world-famous top model Gigi Hadid and the French-speaking actor Bradley Cooper, a Hollywood star

Bradley Cooper, the Hollywood actor and director, recently chose to settle in New Hope, Pennsylvania, by purchasing a second home. This geographical choice is not insignificant, as the town is also home to the Hadid family farm, a family closely linked to Gigi Hadid, an international model.

New Hope, this picturesque small American town, recalls the charming settings of Disney parks, with its wooden houses and its typical colonial America atmosphere. For Cooper, it’s an opportunity to immerse himself in a peaceful and authentic setting, while remaining close to New York.

Cooper’s arrival in New Hope also seems to strengthen his ties with Gigi Hadid. The model, very attached to this region where she spent her childhood and learned horse riding, could rejoice in this proximity. Indeed, Bradley and Gigi have been seen together several times in New York, and have even shared weekends in a luxury hotel in New Hope. The town, rich in memories for Gigi Hadid, thus becomes a favored meeting place for the two celebrities.

For Bradley Cooper, this new home represents more than just a real estate investment. It symbolizes a "new hope" for him and his 6-year-old daughter Léa, providing an ideal setting for her growth and development.

Finally, the recent appearance of Léa de Seine, daughter of Bradley and Irina Shayk, at the premiere of Maestro, marks her entry into the world of showbiz. Dressed stylishly and accompanied by her father, little Léa seems to already be following in her parents’ footsteps in the world of fashion and cinema.