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Bob Marley: Successful Biopic for a Legend

Bob Marley resurrected in the biopic 'One Love'

February 14th will mark the theater release of the biopic Bob Marley: One Love, which resurrects this global figure of reggae. In this film, which will be released on Valentine’s Day, viewers will discover his extraordinary journey, from his humble origins to his status as a global icon.

His first guitar, made from an oil can and a cigar box, symbolizes the creativity he was able to draw from his precarious situation. Nicknamed the king of reggae or the prophet of the oppressed, Bob Marley set aside his musician’s mask to embody the voice of minorities.

His story is particularly marked by the challenges and dangers he encountered, notably the attack of December 3, 1976, from which he emerged injured, but chose to perform on stage shortly after.

Outside of music, football held a prominent place in the artist’s life. This sport gave him a sense of freedom similar to what he felt through his music.

Bob Marley: One Love thus promises to immerse us in the intimacy of an artist who has forever marked the history of music, highlighting his legacy that far exceeds the boundaries of reggae.

Official trailer of the movie ‘Bob Marley : One love’