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Jill Biden and Brigitte Macron: More Than Friends at the Summit During D-Day

Jill Biden on the left and Brigitte Macron on the right

During the recent state visit of the American presidential couple to France, on the sidelines of the D-Day ceremonies, the reunion between Jill Biden and Brigitte Macron was warm and sincere. The First Lady of the United States has always considered Brigitte Macron as a sister, and their joy at seeing each other again was evident.

In an interview with Gala, Brigitte Macron shared: "With Jill, we have the same energy and perspective. She is very committed to the fight against cancer. She has an empathy and availability that touch me deeply." Their friendship is also strengthened by their mutual support for Olena Zelenska and their determination to protect their families.

After the ceremonies in Normandy, Jill Biden made a 24-hour round trip to the United States to support her son Hunter Biden. Back in Paris, she and Brigitte Macron visited the Matisse exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation. It was an opportunity for a tête-à-tête during a lunch, where they discussed their families and the emotional moments of the ceremonies.

Brigitte Macron gave Jill Biden an original print of a photo of the Normandy Landing by Robert Capa, a gesture that deeply moved the American First Lady. They were also touched by the presence of American veteran Harold Terens and his 96-year-old fiancée, Jeanne Swerlin, at the state dinner at the Élysée.

At the same time, Brigitte Macron welcomed 48 American veterans in Deauville. Among them, Neal McCallum, 97, expressed his admiration for the French First Lady. The veterans shared their poignant memories of the war, highlighting their courage and dedication.

The D-Day commemorations were a significant moment of friendship between France and the United States, marked by emotion and memories. As Jill and Joe Biden returned to the United States, Emmanuel Macron faced new political challenges in France.

This meeting between Jill Biden and Brigitte Macron perfectly illustrates the depth of personal and diplomatic relations that unite the two nations. Their complicity and common commitment strengthen the historical and contemporary ties between France and the United States. Queen Camilla more distant towards the First Lady of France — has she lost something? The future will tell.