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Baby Reindeer on Netflix, Soon a Cult Series?

Poster of the series Baby Reindeer on Netflix

In April, Netflix surprised with Baby Reindeer, a British series that firmly remains among the most viewed programs. Created by Scottish writer and actor Richard Gadd, this drama series is an adaptation of his eponymous solo show. The story, inspired by his own life, explores the toxic relationship between Donny, an avatar of Gadd, and Martha, a stalker who turns his life into a nightmare.

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Gadd subtly manipulates real details to protect the identities of those involved, making the narrative both captivating and enigmatic. The series stands out for its approach to harassment, skillfully intertwining memories, dependencies, and dark humor.

Baby Reindeer deviates from clichés by presenting a narrative that oscillates between confession and accusation, where the victim and her tormentor share a strangely symbiotic relationship. This dynamic enriches the plot, offering a nuanced representation of psychological disorders and the consequences of harassment.

The success of the series lies not only in its provocative content, but also in its strategic release during a slow period for Netflix. With remarkable performances, notably that of Jessica Gunning in the role of Martha, Baby Reindeer establishes itself as a work that resonates with contemporary themes of mental health and abuse.

The seven-episode series is a sincere exploration of the abysses of the human mind, marked by its intensity. The echoes of this production continue to stimulate discussions and debates.