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Audrey Fleurot: HPI, It’s Over

Audrey Fleurot headlines the series HPI

Audrey Fleurot, well known for her role as Morgane Alvaro, has shared important news about the future of the series HPI. After five successful seasons, the 46-year-old actress and her co-star Mehdi Nebbou have decided not to continue beyond, wishing to avoid "one season too many". This decision was revealed on multiple occasions, including at the Fiction Festival in La Rochelle where Fleurot was president of the jury.

She expresses a change of direction in her career, wanting to explore new creative avenues. Fleurot, fortified by her experience in HPI, has also founded her own production company, Bahia Blanca, in collaboration with UGC. She plans to fully dedicate herself to production.

The announcement of the end of HPI comes as the series continues to dominate ratings on TF1, attracting an average of 7.4 million viewers during the third season. Although this news may sadden fans, Fleurot and Nebbou aspire to conclude on a high note, full of panache and whimsy.

Fleurot remains open to the idea of returning in different formats, perhaps even in cinema. The actress assures that the universe of HPI could continue to live in new forms, a perspective that maintains the hope of the series’ followers.