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Anne-Sophie Lapix Soon to Be Let Go by France 2?

Anne-Sophie Lapix during the France 2 news broadcast

Since 2017, Anne-Sophie Lapix has been presenting the 8 PM news on weekdays for France 2. However, as revealed by our colleagues, her ratings are declining. In one season, the journalist has lost 300,000 viewers, allowing her rival Gilles Bouleau of TF1 to make gains. Internally, tension is rising, and political figures are calling for the departure of the charming journalist.

This situation is worrying President Delphine Ernotte and her second-in-command Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez. While Julian Bugier at 1 PM is experiencing a moderate decline, the figures achieved by Anne-Sophie Lapix and Laurent Delahousse are much more concerning.

Anne-Sophie Lapix has lost 355,000 viewers in one year. Her news programs have only attracted 4.4 million viewers this season, compared to 5.3 million for Gilles Bouleau. The TF1 journalist is widening the gap with 980,000 more viewers than his competitor, compared to just 520,000 last year. This decline is also observed on weekends with Laurent Delahousse, who has lost more than 350,000 loyal viewers.

This situation has led to internal criticism. Anne-Sophie Lapix has become an easy target for France Télévisions executives. Many politicians are calling for her departure, finding her too combative and ironic. Lapix was in charge of the election night on France 2 this Sunday, June 9, but is this already her last appearance?

Since she started presenting the 8 PM news, Anne-Sophie Lapix has often been criticized for her natural demeanor. Considered too aggressive or too cheerful, her tone does not please everyone, as seen during the Cannes Festival.

Her relations with Emmanuel Macron are also reportedly tense, with the head of state finding her too critical. However, she can count on the support of Delphine Ernotte, known for resisting pressure, as well as the private sector where she previously excelled.