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Cannes: No Luxury Brand Wants to Dress Artus and the Actors of ‘Un p’tit truc en plus’

Artus accompanied by Clovis Cornillac and Alice Belaïdi from 'Un p’tit truc en plus'

Artus, director of the film Un p’tit truc en plus (A Little Something Extra in French), shared his frustration as no luxury brand offered outfits for his actors, most of whom are unknown and disabled, for the Cannes Film Festival. The filmmaker revealed this information during an interview with France Inter. He insists that this attitude does not correspond to the usual practice where brands willingly lend their creations.

Artus denounces luxury brands on France Inter – Via @franceinter on X (Formerly Twitter)

“They come up with quota stories, saying ‘We’ve already lent all our suits'”, Artus reported, clearly disappointed by these justifications which he considers not very credible. According to him, brands would prefer to dress established celebrities rather than lesser-known actors, especially those with disabilities.

Nevertheless, Artus remains positive and is looking forward to the red carpet at Cannes on May 22, revealing that the costumes will finally be designed by the film’s costume designers. He values this initiative as proof of his team’s independence and creativity.

The film, which has already attracted more than 1.6 million viewers since its release, features a comedy in which humor and sensitivity towards disabled people predominate. Artus and the other actors, including Clovis Cornillac and Alice Belaïdi, play characters who, under the guise of an escape, mingle with a holiday camp for mentally disabled young people.

Artus hopes that this increased visibility at the festival will help change attitudes and encourage greater inclusivity in all aspects of society, including fashion…