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When Arte Demystifies Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, the undisputed queen of social media, even interests Arte

Arte, the leading European cultural channel, presents Kim Kardashian Theory. Directed by Nesrine Slaoui and Guillaume Erner, a prominent voice of France Culture, this documentary promises to unveil the many facets of Kim Kardashian, far beyond her status as a social media star.

The film poses the provocative question, “Why is Kim Kardashian so influential when she does nothing?”, analyzing her impact on social media, fashion, media, and society in general. Kimologists, experts and personalities from around the world, explore the complexity of the Kim Kardashian case.

The documentary reveals a new side of Kim: as a savvy businesswoman, future lawyer, and activist concerned about the state of American prisons. It also highlights her presence on social media, a formidable tool she masters to shape opinion and influence society.

Influential figures such as Paul B. Preciado, philosopher, and Marc Howard, law professor at Georgetown University, discuss her role in areas as diverse as capitalism and justice. Meredith Jones and Saveria Mendella, respectively professor of gender studies and fashion critic, analyze her impact on the ideal of beauty and current fashion.

Kim Kardashian Theory will be available on Arte from January 10, 2024. It promises to offer a fresh and in-depth look at one of the most media-covered figures of our time.