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Anne-Sophie Lapix Humiliated by Meryl Streep at Cannes?

Anne-Sophie Lapix in Cannes

Upon her return to the set of C à vous, relocated for the Cannes Film Festival, Anne-Sophie Lapix humorously shared a recent professional mishap. Accompanied by the irony that characterizes her, she revealed the details of an incident with Meryl Streep.

The journalist stated that she was initially supposed to interview the famous American actress during her 8 pm news broadcast. Unfortunately, despite all the efforts and preparations, Meryl Streep cancelled at the last minute. "We did everything, we even did things that are not confessable last night. We lost all dignity to invite her and then this morning, she had changed her mind," she explained to her audience.

Despite this failure, Anne-Sophie Lapix was able to bounce back. She plans an interview with renowned filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, scheduled for the following evening. He is in Cannes to present his new project, Megalopolis, thus enhancing the aura of the show with exclusive content.

The pretty blonde, although marked by this incident, shows her resilience and her ability to manage the unpredictability of live broadcasting, while remaining at the heart of the current cultural news represented by the Cannes Film Festival.